Thursday, January 28, 2010

No Discussions in the Legion of Christ

Once again, more control and a gag order in place. Their own fault. More horrible management and mind control. No surprises here.

Fr. Corcuera urges charity as Legionaries discuss future

Mexico City, Mexico, Jan 28, 2010 / 10:52 am (CNA).- In a recent letter sent to members of the Legion of Christ, Director General Father Alvaro Corcuera, L.C., urged members to be charitable towards each other during their internal discussions regarding the future of the congregation.

In response to a growing exchange of emails between Legionaries about two main issues: the role their founder should play in the future of the congregation, and also the measures that should be put in place to prevent similar situations from happening, Fr. Corcuera called on members to “console each other and accompany each other mutually,” as Simon of Cyrene did for Christ.

Fr. Marcial Maciel founded the Legion of Christ in 1941. Though he died in 2008, revelations of his inappropriate behavior as a priest and leader surfaced early in 2009.

Responding to criticism by some in the Legion who accused their current leaders of being accomplices in the misconduct of their founder, Fr. Corcuera asked members to help one another “live this gift of peace, mutually encouraging one another, understanding one another, truly loving each other, mutually forgiving one another, without recriminating or judging each other, much less humiliating each other.”

A veteran Legionary who spoke with CNA to provide the context of the letter, explained that Fr. Corcuera has asked that the email exchanges, which express “charitably but energetically” conflicting positions regarding the future of the congregation, come to an end.

“These are differences that more or less run along cultural and linguistic lines,” he said, with some English-speaking Legionaries calling for an open discussion about the errors of Fr. Maciel and a change to the “internal culture” of the order. On the other side, many from Spanish-speaking countries think the sins of the founder should be left in the past and that the evils should be corrected “by the faithfulness of the members to the foundational spirit.”

The email exchanges, which have been ongoing for a month, motivated Fr. Corcuera to send a second letter on January 24, calling for an end to the email debates.

“I believe the exchange of opinions through emails between numerous groups of priests, as has taken place recently, is a display of trust and the love we have for each other. But I think that it will never end if we continue like this and we may even cause misunderstandings and opposing positions,” Fr. Corcuera wrote.

“We must all continue working, and seek the best path to allow everyone, especially priests, to calmly contribute with their gifts and reflections to responding to what God is calling us to at this time, especially through the direction which we expect to receive from the Holy See. For now we must let it mature in the hearts of each one of us, as a family, helping each other to purify and build up this work to which God has called us,” the letter stated.

At the beginning of the year, renowned American Legionary, Fr. Richard Gill, announced he was leaving the Legionaries of Christ over irreconcilable differences with his superiors about the direction the congregation is taking following the revelations of Father Maciel’s double life.

Currently, five bishops are conducting an Apostolic Visitation of the Legion and are expected to conclude in March 2010.


Anonymous said...

"the sins of the founder should be left in the past and that the evils should be corrected “by the faithfulness of the members to the foundational spirit.”"

Hmm, so exactly how does one correct evils by being faithful to a spirit of fraud and sexual predation? That's truly a mystery, dearest Alvaro. I am sure it's a mystery you are probably contemplating in the front of the Eucharist at this very moment!

And let's are so terribly concerned that none of your hierarchy involved in covering for this predator be humiliated or judged, yet you have no problem with the humiliation and scorn your order heaped upon the victims of your founder's sexual deviance! Why am I not surprised.

Laughable, truly. I have to admit I am a bit surprised by this continual drivel. You'd think the Legion would just stop with all their laughable talk of "charity" if only from a complete sense of self-preservation. Are the leaders really so mind-numbed that they believe anybody but the most brainwashed LC zombie will believe any of this hogwash? Do they have no sense of self-preservation? Perhaps Alvaro and Co are so utterly confident in the hold they still think they have on the Vatican hierarchy that they honestly believe they remain untouchable, even now.

Let's hope and pray that their confidence is misplaced. Unfortunately, I am not so sure. I guess we will find out soon enough how powerful the Legion still is if they get away with a bit of a slap of the wrist and some "Carry on, now!" from Rome.

Anonymous said...

RE: “These are differences that more or less run along cultural and linguistic lines,” he said, with some English-speaking Legionaries calling for an open discussion about the errors of Fr. Maciel and a change to the “internal culture” of the order."

I am not sure why the unnamed source makes that inference. One look at the Trastevere blog and you see the thirst for justice seems universal running across nationalities. I believe there is a tendency to contain opposition by constantly labelling it an American problem.

Anonymous said...

The question is-- will the LCs obey him? Why should they?

After all, his order is way out of line with what most religious orders consider normal (stop discussing the future of your order! No planning ahead for the general chapter! All must agree all the time!) -- and there's no way he'll be in charge when the Visitation ends....

And since there IS a change coming, why SHOULDN'T the LCs discuss it and hash out a way foreward? The only alternative is to leave, after all-- so shouldn't he WANT them to try to come up with something???

Anonymous said...

Alvaro may very well believe he is still going to be in charge after the AV is over, and although it seems so absurd that such a thing could occur, perhaps he has reason to believe it. I hate to sound so cynical, but I will not believe Alvaro, Sada, and Co are going anywhere until I actually see it.

I am sure there is plenty of scheming, cronyism, etc, going on behind the scenes. I doubt this powerful group of men is sitting around waiting for their own heads to roll. If they have serious dirt on key players in the Vatican, they may still have some life left in them.

And I can't help but believe in my heart that Maciel and Co MUST have had serious dirt on some major Vatican players to have stayed in power for so long.

Never discount the power of blackmail, especially if the reputation of the Vatican is at stake. It can all be excused in the minds of those blackmailed in the name of "avoiding scandal".

Anonymous said...

So only priests can use email, and even they are being told how to use it . . .


Anonymous said...

What does Edmond Ritter think about this?

Anonymous said...

And, to top it all:

Anonymous said...

That article makes me ill. Can I just say that I become enraged every time I read that Alvaro became aware of "facts" regarding Maciel's "impropriety" in 2005/2006 and reflect on the fact that up until the day I drove to the apostolic school and took all of the pervert Maciel's writings away from my son (and yes, my son is now out) last February, the apostolic boys were being forced to read that evil rubbish as their only source of spiritual growth??!! (other than the Bible).

How can Father Alvaro and company look us mothers in the face after subjecting our sons to a constant stream of this filthy monster's twisted writings day in and day out for FOUR YEARS after he admits he started to suspect Maciel was a fraud??!!

Hell truly hath no fury like that of a mother whose son was so victimized by this order. I can only imagine how the mothers of those whom Maciel sodomized must feel.

The Legion can spin and rewrite history as much as they want. We mothers of these boys subjected to this deviant's writings for years will never forget the way things really went down. I will not quit proclaiming it, either

Oh, and let me just add that describing the actions of a child-molesting, womanizing, drug-addicted pious fraud as "behavior was incompatible with his priestly condition." makes me literally sick to my stomach. Just for the record.

Anonymous said...

"Maciel died without confessing himself, with the two Normas - his daughter and her mother - and also an exorcist (just in case) provided by the LC superiors also present."

Fact or fiction? Certainly fitting.