Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Yesterday, I received a letter from the Legion for a fund raising sweepstakes for Memorial Day. The envelope has a picture of Iwo Jima memorial and the letter features the story of one LC priest who was in the military....BUT

The LC does nothing for Memorial Day
The LC does not even celebrate masses for veterans
The LC does not visit graves of fallen soldiers or any war memorials
The LC does not participate in any Memorial Day events
The LC does nothing for disabled veterans

The whole issue of fallen soldiers is a non issue for the Legion, but not when it comes to using real heroes for begging money.


Anonymous said...

Any LC priest in the military sounds like:
A) Someone who is on his way out, or
B) A 'token' military example to write about in Memorial Day fund raising letters.

The military apostolate (one I think is very important) would be considered beneath the LC "mission"

Anonymous said...

Three people answered the poll on veterans saying that they did something in the LC in their regard. I would love to know what is was that they did. Please let us know on a comment here.